Cleaning Day takes over Helsinki

The Cleaning day took over Helsinki for the first time on the 12th of May. In Helsinki, there were about 450 registered sales stands all over town, and I’m guessing some more unregistered ones. Registration here refers merely to having your sales table shown on the map of the event, nothing related to having a permission or being bureaucratic.

The concept of Cleaning Day is exactly the same as in Restaurant Day: anyone can set up their own restaurant for a day. By the way, the next Restaurant Day is 19th of May. Yummy!

This is how the organizers describe the Cleaning Day:

Clean up your attic and redecorate your home, as Cleaning Day will convert cities into giant flea markets on Saturday 12th of May. Anyone can sell or donate their furniture, clothes, gadgets and more, right on the street, and shop new ones from their neighbors. During this neat day one can also sell anything self-made.

Today’s event was a nice continuation to the Recycling Factory of last weekend.

Here’s how I saw it.

The night before Cleaning day, while Canada was winning Finland in ice-hockey, I was counting my coins. I found a respectable amount. Ready for a tour in second-hand Helsinki!

People had set up their tables here and there. It was (and still is) a really windy day today, so many were seeking shelter in gateways. I saw a lot of kids and families, which made me happy.

Not only young hipsters! If you have a garage, you can just open the door and start selling.

This was the largest area of sales tables I saw in Southern Helsinki.

And this one was by far the cutest sales table I noticed. Coffee and cinnamon buns. Lovely! On the other side of the street they were attracting customers with home-made lemon pie.

♥ In the meantime: The cat is out of the bag and it’s going miaow in the largest newspaper of the country. Revealing public secrets, it seems. Is it really so that the opportunity makes a thief?

♣ Song of the day: Keane, Sea fog

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