Crocheting a speaker’s corner

My summer holiday is finally here. I’ve started off by sleeping, daydreaming and crocheting. These tiny slippers were a gift to the tiniest little person I’ve ever seen. My hands are not very large, but while crocheting these, I felt like a giant.

To take the hobby to another extreme from baby slippers, some friends and I are planning on joining a yarn bomb event Knit ‘n’ Tag the coming August here in Helsinki. An entire park is going to be covered in knitted and crocheted graffiti. With permission! Cool! Naturally, we got the largest tree in the park, its diameter is about three meters. Yes. Three!

Here’s our plan for the tree (text in Finnish says: tree from the front). We’re thinking spider web (only the good kind, attracting things with benign thoughts), granny squares (to highlight the traditional technique), butterflies and flowers (nice and happy), and a speaker’s corner (to enable anyone to take part). Maybe it’s going to be a kind of stage where anyone can come and sing a song, cite a poem or make a strong political speech. We might even crochet a microphone.

♠ In the meantime: I think I just have to have a Penguin mug to my new den: a room of my own.

♣ Song of the day: Scissor Sisters: Secret Life of Letters

3 thoughts on “Crocheting a speaker’s corner

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