Go to Florence, become entrepreneur in Finnish design

How does one end up an entrepreneur? The owner of lifestyle store Televisio Marjaana Lehtonen has a great story to tell.

Working in digital marketing, she always dreamt of a company of her own. One day, she simply quit her job and left to Florence for three months thinking this is it: a decision must be made. So she kept on walking the cobbled streets of Florence, cooking great Italian food on the course she was there for, and one day she heard a business in Turku was for sale: a shop focusing on Finnish design, with an emphasis to ecological and ethical clothes.

And there we go. Marjaana has been the owner of Televisio since February 2012 and this is how the store looks like. The shop is situated right next to the Aura river, but hidden in an inner courtyard. Once you get there, you don’t want to leave. So much to see, so many stories to be shared!

It’s a lifestyle store. A lot of clothes, but plenty of other products, too. Postcards, jewelry, shoes, bags and laptop cases to name a few examples.

Displaying products in a nice way. A bicycle, one of my favorite things!

It’s cozy and the atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. The selection covers some fifteen brands, most of which are Finnish. The ones that caught my eye were Mukava, Tauko, R/H and Camillamikama. Great materials, great sewing, some very cool designs.

They also sell a relatively recent innovation: Laketti by Kirsi Nisonen. It’s a modernized version of the student hat that young graduates wear when celebrating their graduation from upper secondary school. It’s also the hat people wear once a year, at Vappu (May day). I love the feminine version of the hat.

♣ In the meantime: I encourage everyone to travel locally. Instead of flying to big cities to find new things and inspiration, go and see familiar places. Just open your eyes and minds and you might be surprised.

♠ Song of the day: Placebo, For what it’s worth

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