A smoking hot cultural centre: Logomo

What happens when a massive, old railway workshop is turned into a centre for cultural, creative and business events? Success! Logomo was created in Turku, mainly for the festivities of Turku Capital of Culture Year (2011). The name of the centre works so well in English, it’s very descriptive and takes into account the history of the place.

It’s exactly the kind of space I love: rough, lively, modern, hosts music, photo exhibitions and exhibitions where you can smell, touch, play and watch.

No more building of railway tracks and trains, yes to experiencing culture, music and creativity! I visited Logomo for the first time in June 2012. Love at first sight.

I visited two exhibitions: Fire! Fire! and Turku in photographs. Needless to say, adored them both. Former is where you come out with a smoky air and latter is where you fall silent at the sight of lively people photographed in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Here are some highlights from the exhibition Fire! Fire! They allow cameras in the exhibition area, which is very unusual for exhibitions in general, but then again, in line with the do-touch-try-smell-choose-pump-water-try-it-yourself policy. Appreciate it!

First highlight: fire songs.

To a music freak, the chance to listen to fire songs from all over the world is almost overwhelming.

My favorite was Alpha Blondy from Côte d’Ivoire. Le Feu.

Second highlight: showing the before and after of the great fire of Turku in 1827

Turku has burned for some 30 times, but when we nowadays talk of the great fire, we refer to the great fire of Turku in 1827. It started from this red wooden house. Sadly, the street where the house was, no longer exists. But if you peeked in from the windows, you were able to see the Mr. and Mrs. of the house and their maid. It seems the maid of the house was accused of the fire, but found innocent later in a trial.

A large part of the town turned to smoky charcoal in just 18 hours. Can you imagine that they actually reconstructed the street and house walls before and after the fire? You just walk on the reconstructed street, before and after. Insanely cool.

Third highlight: map and drawers of information from fires all over the world

On top of the some 20-30 drawers was a large orange world map of fires. In each drawer was information on that particular fire. There were even some sound effects. I was mesmerized.

Fourth highlight (the one to rule them all): reconstruction of the 1827 great fire of Turku in a miniature town

The final touch for the exhibition was a kind of a theatre/animation/miniature play of the great fire. You enter into a smallish room with a stage, and on the stage you can see Turku town from 1827 in miniature size: the river, church, houses and windmills. Everything is dark and calm. And then, you start following the animated story on the back wall of the stage, and at the same time, the town catches fire right before your eyes. I almost could not believe my eyes as it all looked and felt so real: the flames, smoke, lights, screams, the whole nine yards.

I don’t remember ever seeing anything quite like this in Finland. Maybe I’ve been to the wrong places, who knows, but this was utterly overwhelming. A great experience. It’s open till the end of July 2012, so hurry, hurry, if you haven’t yet seen the exhibition. Run, run!

One just have to love Turku ❤

♣ In the meantime: It’s that time of year, the Finnish Midsummer kicks off. We have more daylight than we need, tonight the sun does not set at all. I wish people will be sensible with their alcohol consumption and take care of one another. My guess for the deaths by drowning this Midsummer is eight people (it’s brutal, I know).

♣ Song of the day: Kanye West, Jay-Z: No Church in the Wild

2 thoughts on “A smoking hot cultural centre: Logomo

  1. Hi, I found this exhibition utterly fascinating! I’m sure no one’s covered a topic such as the 1827 great fire of Turku in such an all encompassing fashion! Thank you for the follow! I look forward to enjoying more from your blog! Nice to meet you!

    • Hello Lightningpen and thanks for stopping by! The exhibition was simply awesome, incredibly interesting and well constructed. So glad you liked it!

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