Recycled candy wrappers and felted licorice allsorts

I recently visited Tampere, a town some 150 kilometers North West from Helsinki. Have not been there that often, but wanted to do some local travel this summer, check out good cafés and one particular shop, SuperMukava (will post about that separately later).

Anyway, I found two types of things that made me smile. Both of them were in Taito Shop, the largest chain of shops selling Finnish handicrafts, with 24 shops all over the country.

Small purses made of recycled candy wrappers. I’m not too keen on the coffee bags or anything too big, but these tiny things made me smile. There’s of course the nostalgia factor, as most wrappers remind me of my childhood. These are made by Makee Design.

Note that it’s not all just candy. The black one in bottom left corner is actually a beer brand…but the one in top right corner is one of my favorite chocolates: milk chocolate with soft salty licorice filling. Yummy!

And then, there were these. Don’t you just wanna bite them? Such delicious colors, mostly made from felt, wooden beads, cotton wax cord and in the case of the pink and blue aniseed jelly buttons, plastic. These are made by Taitoisa. They have some pretty good press photos of the licorice allsorts jewelry in Google+.

Even if you would not use or wear these yourself, they do make you smile, don’t they!

♥ In the meantime: One more week of summer holiday left. Will make the best of it by crocheting like crazy!

♦ Song of the day: Björk, Army of Me

5 thoughts on “Recycled candy wrappers and felted licorice allsorts

    • I know! My friend and I were just staring at them and really wanted to take a bite. Had to touch them to remind ourselves that it’s not actually candy…

  1. Thanks for the comment! The candy wrappers are very cute, agree! The one with the red fox is really traditional, has been on the Finnish market since 1895 and is still going strong. If I’m not mistaken it is actually the oldest product of Fazer (company that makes super good chocolate among other things).

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