The other side of rain

20120722-093818.jpgFirstly, ooops. I accidentally published the above photo without any text. It seems I still have some lessons to learn on publishing posts with the iPad.

Anyway, what I meant to say is these delicacies are the other side of the coin. It has rained a lot, which is super boring, but the upside of rain is that mushrooms are slowly starting to grow. It looks like there’s going to be plenty.

I’ve been picking chanterelles and blueberries in the last days. World Book Club keeps me company and distracts me from the hordes of mozzies that inhabit the forest. Of course there are other tricks too, such as long sleeves and plenty of repellent.

Last night I shared chanterelle risotto and blueberry pie with a friend, both ingredients picked the same day. It doesn’t get any more fresh than that. We cooked everything together, talked, laughed and pondered over life. Slow living at its best.

♥ In the meantime: I’ve been very upset by the shootings lately, and what happened in Aurora is simply too much. What is wrong with this world, our values, the people we share life with? Do not understand.

♠ Song of the day: Marvin Gaye, Easy Living

2 thoughts on “The other side of rain

  1. I see mushrooms growing everywhere around here but it had not occurred to me to collect them. I’m still not there yet. It’s still Kool-Aid for me. I too was perplexed by what happened in Aurora. As the mother of a teenager, it scares me to think what could happen while he’s at the movies with his friends. Makes no sense.

  2. Oh you should definitely try the mushrooms! Learn to know a few in your area and focus on them. I don’t know too many so well, so I’ve decided to stick with Chanterelle, Yellow foot and Penny bun. It’s great for the soul too, somehow soothing, to just slowly walk in the forest. About Aurora, I don’t even know what to say. When do we realize that the Western world with all its consumption, individualism, instant mindless entertainment and search for success at any cost is simply too much and bad for human beings?

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