Graffiti crochet: Knit ‘n’ Tag in Helsinki

A sunny August Saturday made many people blink their eyes: a park downtown Helsinki got colorful. Knitting, crochet, music, colors, people and happiness everywhere! Knit ‘n’ Tag event took over the park, organized by the Youth Department of Helsinki. The project was part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 frenzy.

Our job was to cover the largest tree in the park, the diameter was about three meters. After some innovative planning, we decided to go with benign spider webs that would catch only good things: butterflies, flowers and granny squares. We wanted to include an element of interaction, so we created a Speaker’s Corner.

As we all know, those active in politics or any kind of activism always think they are promoting the right solutions, no matter what their opinion is. The people themselves believe in what they’re doing. We wanted to respect that diversity, so we named our work In favor of everything good, against everything bad. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Our speakers corner had a microphone to make all those fierce political speeches heard. In case one wants to look top-notch, we made a bow and a tie for smart looks. And now when I look at this photo, I realize we’re also challenging the often used and way too rarely questioned color codes: blue for boys and red for girls. Well, our tie is pink and the bow is blue. Well done us!

As we wanted the spider web to be benign (no one eating anyone, no hunters, no prey) and the overall atmosphere of the Speaker’s Corner to be positive, we attached a lot of butterflies and flowers there. To emphasize the traditions of crochet, we added a lot of granny squares.

It was such a fun project to work with: a little effort from a few people, nice get-togethers with like-minded yarn lovers and of course a lot of colors. The people in our group are mainly so-called knowledge workers, who think for a living, and seeing a project materialize in a short time was very rewarding for all of us.

I only added photos here of our project, but see more great photos on Facebook, e.g. here and here. All graffitis will remain in the park until 27th September, so if you happen to visit Helsinki, go check them out!

♣ In the meantime: I saw Madonna in concert some weeks ago. She seems very angry with her new music. I wonder if the very visual and graphic concerts (guns, brains, blood etc.) actually help get the message through?

♥ Song of the day: Madonna, Gang Bang

4 thoughts on “Graffiti crochet: Knit ‘n’ Tag in Helsinki

  1. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, it really was amazing. So great to have something this positive in Helsinki! Maybe you’ll organize smth similar to where you are just to see it in person? 🙂

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