Safety vests, round II

I’ve had some difficulties with the style of safety vests. I ranted about them last year. They are very, very ugly, and very, very practical.


And now look what I’ve done to my German Shepherd. It’s not a vest, as I simply could not get one. It would have been too much. But the tiny reflectors on her quick feet work well. Every car we’ve seen while walking on a pedestrian crossing, has stopped. Even from a decent distance.

I must admit that driving in October is perhaps the worst thing. It gets pitch dark, and with the rain, all the asphalt is glistening. There are wet leaves everywhere and whatever light comes from the lamp posts is reflected right to your eye from the wet leaves or wet asphalt. It is practically impossible to see anyone, if they are not wearing blinking lights or a respectable amount of safety reflectors.

So I may have learned to appreciate the safety vests. They are the only ones you can really see at all times. Oh, the irony. Why does something so ugly have to be so practical?

If Powerkiss was developed to enable wire-free charging, Collapick to enable the use of Creative Commons materials simply and efficiently, I’m sure some Finnish start-up will come up with an idea here. This country is full of innovative start-ups, so please someone, anyone, help! Something as smart as Revolights?

[edit 8.26: For some reason I can’t see the title of the post. But I know it’s there, and it’s called Safety vests, round II]

♥ In the meantime: The new feature in LinkedIn hasn’t been around long, I guess? Endorsing skills and expertise? I wonder if they introduced it to create more traffic inside the service, or can it really give peer value/social value to people’s skills?

♠ Song of the day: Katherine Jenkins, Abigail’s song

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