Holiday happiness

I’ve just come back from a wonderful Mediterranean island, where I spent a great week with great people, great food, great sunshine, great parties and great everything.

Why is it that one easily forgets the positive effects a proper holiday can have on a person? Of course defining ‘proper holiday’ is borderline impossible as tastes differ, but let me try with an example. Having spent some five weeks lazying around in Finland in the summertime did not do the same trick as one week in beautiful Cyprus did.

There would be many stories to tell and things to discuss about Cyprus, but the thing I really wanted to mention is that I saw safety vests. Local cyclists wore them in the evenings when they were cycling on the seaside promenade in Limassol.

I wasn’t expecting to witness this and I’m ready to admit defeat: safety vests have conquered the world. What’s now left to do is wait for some deeper analysis on the issue, and I’m sure it will arrive at some point, whether we want it or not.

Not quite sure what to expect, but maybe it will be something like the article on how chicken conquered the world. Interesting and somewhat disturbing.

♣ In the meantime: In general, Finland is a very safe country for politicians. Or has been. However, today we witnessed a sad milestone when a man threatened our Prime Minister with a knife at an election stand in Turku.

♥ Song of the day: Florence and the Machine, All This and Heaven Too


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