Alumni awesomeness

My recent visit to Cyprus was not all play. Some work was involved. I’ve been active in the European Students’ Union for quite a few years. This October, the organisation celebrated its 30th Anniversary, along with an alumni meeting and the 24th European Students’ Convention.

The employability of students and the impact of the worldwide austerity measures on higher education were high on the Convention’s agenda. The question was: “The Crisis Is Getting Deeper. Is Society Under Threat?”

For us alumni, the meeting was about getting together, networking in a professional sense, discussing possible structures for alumni activities and figuring out how the activities could benefit ESU.

I did a small video on the event, and would like to share it with you. Take a look and tell me – does it convey that sense of belonging, which seems to be the glue between old and new generations of student politicians. We could not quite pinpoint what it is that keeps us coming back to the organization. Our best guess was the strong sense of belonging.

I believe it’s needless to say we had an awesome time in Limassol. I really love the hospitality and friendliness of Cypriot people. It was such a pleasure to visit the island. Thank you!

♥ In the meantime: In some ways I’m happy the municipal elections will be over in less than a week. It is somewhat tiresome to see how society turns into a battle ground, especially, when Finnish people (candidates involved) in general don’t know how to debate in public.

♦ Song of the day: Robbie Williams, Candy

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