First snow

It’s the end of October and we got our first snow. Every year people get confused, cars crash and trains start stalling when the snow arrives. As if it was a surprise. Of course it’s not, as we all know it’s coming at some point. But for example, I never look at the weather report. I didn’t know we would have snow this week. I was surprised.

Our German Shepherd was also rather confused, as she was trying to drink from a bucket we left outside. No fresh water there anymore, just a frozen garden tool and some fallen leaves inside an ice-cube.

I remember a few weeks back I started counting the weeks until we’ll start to have more daylight again. At the time, February was 20 weeks away. It doesn’t sound so bad, does it? I remember earlier this year, it was sometime in mid-February when I suddenly realized the mornings were much lighter than before.

Well, I’m here to deliver the good news: mid-February is only 15 weeks away! And there are other positive aspects:

  • Dog is no longer muddy after our walks, as all the mud is frozen
  • Because all the mud is frozen is nearby forest after the incredibly rainy September/October, we can now go back to the forest without fear of falling into wet mud (has happened)
  • I can dig up my impressive collection of scarfs and wear one every day
  • It’s ok to stay in, watch movies or listen to podcasts and do plenty of crochet

Fifteen weeks of this, and of course working in between. It does not sound like an impossible task, especially if I’ll be treated with a short visit to the Christmas markets in Hamburg sometime in December.

♦ In the meantime: I saw Netflix has finally landed to Finland. I subscribed just out of curiosity and for me, the film selection looks pretty good. There are some TV series as well (including 9 seasons of Spooks). Winter has been totally saved by Netflix and BBC iPlayer, well done. I also love the smooth streaming by AppleTV.

♠ Song of the day: Rodrigo Leão, Um Pais Como Os Outros

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