Zero snow in Malta


The snow started falling in Finland when December began. Luckily I was travelling on the beautiful island of Malta for the first week, and I managed to experience only the first day of serious snowfall before leaving.

While I was admiring the blue sea and white sails in the Mediterranean, Finland received more snow. And just to add perspective, I’m talking about 0,5 meters in 24 hours. We’re used to it, yes. But.

Suddenly life has a “new” aspect to it. How to deal with the snow? Dig out the car every morning, sometimes every afternoon, too. Prepare to open completely frozen locks. Scrape off the ice from the windscreen. Remember to have a snow shovel in the car. Move another snow shovel into the house to pave the way out of the door in the morning. Keep an eye of the house roof, as heavy snow might either break it or alternatively fall on your head. Walks with the dog have become proper exercise as we both try to move in the knee-deep white of the forest.

Kudos to Helsinki-Vantaa airport, who seem to be able to tackle whatever the sky decides to give them. It is impressive to see long lines of snow trucks paving the runway in complete harmony. They actually call it snowhow!

For me it’s all “new” in the sense that one forgets how it feels. Suddenly you need several layers of clothing. Boots are great, as then the snow won’t attack your ankles. High heels can be slightly problematic, as snow piles under the heel. You find muscles previously unknown when you balance on the slippery and uneven roads. Driving resembles snowboarding.

But then there’s all this light. In the middle of our darkest days, the snow reflects light in an amazing way. Everything looks soft, warm, cuddly and beautiful. Cold of course, but simply beautiful. 

And…wait for it…it’s only nine weeks left until mid-February!

♠ In the meantime: The biggest daily newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, decided to install a limit to the freely readable articles on their website AND quit whatever little news they were producing in English. I believe their strength is in the traditional paper version, so better this way.

♦ Song of the day: Bruno Mars, Runaway baby

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