Into the wild

ImageHome forest is wonderful. To have one, I mean. It’s very quiet in other seasons, but now in the wintertime, it’s absolutely still. What little sounds there might be, the snow muffles them completely.

Despite the knee-deep snow where paths normally run, over-eagerness of the dog to pull in every possible direction, and the skiers who show up quietly from behind, scare you and give you the evil eye, I love it. My home forest.

As if it didn’t snow enough yesterday, we got more in the last 24 hours, some 15 cm at least.

In addition to brisk shoveling and digging today, the snow lantern I made last night was put to better use: each snow ball was thrown to the German Shepherd who gladly chased the balls, dug them up from the snow banks, and, yes, ate them. Can’t quite work out how a dog can eat some 15 snow balls, but she seemed to enjoy herself. During our walks she also ‘drinks’ directly from the powdery snow banks.

It’s slightly weird. My Laotian dog loves direct sunshine in the summer, but she also adores snow.

♥ In the meantime: I read a disturbing article on sexist advertising. The examples mentioned are incomprehensible. I mean seriously. As long as these ‘jokes’ are treated as jokes instead of examples of underlying attitudes and serious lack of judgement, nothing will change. If you read the article and agree, speak up!

♥ Song of the day: Madredeus, Haja O Que Houver

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