No bribes paid for the Christmas tree

121218spruceI got myself a Christmas tree. A Finnish spruce, maybe two meters tall, and it smells incredibly good.

I was just passing by the nearby market, when I saw they sell spruces. So I went to look and talk a little. Of course the trees were expensive (what isn’t in Finland?), around 50 euros depending on the size.

When I asked who’s selling: is the money going to e.g. an NGO or a private entrepreneur, I got a great answer.

The cheerful young lady selling the trees told me her grandfather started the business on that same square twenty years ago. Their family have sold Christmas trees there for t-w-e-n-t-y years. All the trees come from their own forest somewhere in Hausjärvi. It’s just a small family business. She said all their customers are regular: coming there for a good quality tree for years and years.

I was stunned of course. In these times of industrial everything, it’s heartwarming to see a family business with some tradition.

I paid 60 euros for the tree. I’ll keep it on the veranda for a day, then I’ll cut some 3 cm away from the trunk and bring it in. I can smell it already now, even though the doors are closed to the veranda. It smells like the forest.

I wonder if the Danish industrial spruces smell quite this good?

And since I need to talk about snow on every post in December, I’m telling you, we already have aplenty. We’re in for the snowiest Christmas in decades, they say. My back is already hurting from all the shoveling.

♥ In the meantime: Patria ex-bosses are facing bribery charges in Finland, too. Selling armoured vehicles to Slovenia and paying smth in between to secure the deal. But Finland does not have corruption, as we’ve again been told by Transparency International.

♥ Song of the day: Depeche Mode, Corrupt

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