Frozen trees, calming melodies

A thick fog covered everything in the Helsinki area on December 19. This handsome sailboat was lighting the Pohjoisranta harbour.


I was on my way to a Christmas concert by Lumen Valo, a classical vocal ensemble. The ensemble’s name literally means the Glow of Snow, and that’s exactly how the music felt like: ‘interplay of light and dark of the Northern landscape’ as they describe it themselves. The concert was in the Uspenski Cathedral in downtown Helsinki.


In the thick fog, the cathedral glowed eerily against the sky. Beautiful and spooky at the same time.

Lumen Valo has sung in Uspenski Cathedral several times, and it seems their Christmas concert is a tradition already. I did not take any photos in the concert, but you can see some here, courtesy of Markku Pihlaja. If you’re interested in music from the sixteenth century, check out their website, Myspace or related videos in Youtube.

If the world had ended on Friday, maybe a calming concert would’ve been the best place to face the destruction. But it’s still business as usual, nothing strange happened on 121212 or 211212, so we still have more time enjoy great music.

However, what happened on December 19, is that the thick fog frosted all the trees. When I stepped out from Uspenski Cathedral and started heading home, all the trees were covered with white frosting. Not snow, but frozen fog. It looks amazing.

♦ In the meantime: I’m so saddened about the little boy gone missing in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere. I hope he is soon found, alive and well. This year has brought too many sad news to Finland. Children have been kidnapped, beaten to death, shot and gone missing. Makes me very sad. [edit 2.05pm: Just read the news, the 8-year-old has been found dead very near to his home. He had crawled into a small snow cave, probably to play, and the cave had collapsed.]

♣ Song of the day: Since it’s Christmas, you get two songs. 1) The Real Group, Gläns över sjö och strand is such a beautiful melody 2) but then, when Lumen Valo sings Maa on niin kaunis, it leaves you breathless. I think I may have linked the songs here before, but they both deserve a second round.

2 thoughts on “Frozen trees, calming melodies

  1. Lumen Valo ❤ I was first introduced to them when I was a teenager. Even then, wanting to move around way before the end of the concert, I was impressed: They are a fit ensemble.

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