Enter snow, exit darkness

121224christmas_morningThis is what I woke up to today. Not a bad sight for Christmas Eve. It had been snowing at least 20 cm more in the night, and the snow just kept on coming. I sipped my morning coffee and felt happy.

121224christmas_morning2During the day, it started snowing like, well, pouring rain. I had to drive from A to B, and I swear, I could not see farther than five meters ahead. I used the front fog lights in the car for the first time today.


Perspective is always good. This is my home-made snow meter. Our summertime coffee table in the garden has collected a respectable amount of snow. It looks like a layer cake.

We are now four weeks into proper winter and it has been snowing constantly since the beginning of December. As the temperature is well below zero, the snow remains very light to shovel away. And what a coincidence: Santa brought me a big snow shovel!

If I’m not mistaken, it’s some seven weeks of shoveling snow and then it’s mid-February. Yey!

♠ In the meantime: The best moment of today was an evening walk with the German Shepherd in the quiet streets of my hometown. No one around, warm light shining from the windows of all the houses, soft and fresh snow everywhere, bringing a certain calmness that’s hard to explain. Almost made me forget there is any evil in the world.

♣ Song of the day: The Real Group, The World for Christmas

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