Coldest winter days so far

Yesterday was the coldest day in Southern Finland so far. Our meter showed 24 degrees below zero, but I think in the morning it was actually closer to 30. Despite beautiful bright skies and sunny weather, I stayed inside and warmed up the fireplace, watched too many movies to mention and in the evening relaxed in the sauna.

This morning, we’re at 10 degrees below zero, seasoned with fantastic sunshine and blue skies. Feels like the best part of winter is beginning, the one that already holds the promise of spring: plenty of light instead of constant dark and grey, birds singing, and people outdoors.

130121skiesDown this hill, on the field, many people were skiing in the sun. The German Shepherd and I just watched for a while. Old and young, friends and families, sports maniacs and more relaxed outdoors enjoyers – they were all there.

130121snow_bushesSnow really changes the environment. In the summertime, these bushes are so thick that by mid-July you can’t even stand where I was standing now. Too many branches and nettles pushing upwards from a wet ditch.

130121snow_berriesThese snow-frosted “berries” turn into blossoming flowers in a few months.

♦ In the meantime: YLE news published an article on the silence of Finnish people. Or different kinds of silences, more like. I can so recognize myself from the description, and can understand how weird it may look to the eyes of someone who is built in a completely different way.

♣ Song of the day: Habib Koité, Batoumambe

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