Mathematics of sunshine

130222auringonpaiste_visualThis is how much sunshine we have had lately. The picture kind of says it all. The past winter has been incredibly grey and dark, really, not only in my imagination. I saw this piece of comparative statistics on Suomen Kuvalehti weekly magazine today. The data is from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

As for us Finns being a tad tired in the winter months, I rest my case. If you want to do the math, calculate how many days there were between 1 December and 17 February and then divide 50 (!) hours of sunshine with the number of days. It ain’t much.

♣ In the meantime: If you have not yet seen the Finns party leader Timo Soini on BBC HARDtalk trying to avoid the question of racism, check it out.  

♥ Song of the day: Lanterns on the lake, You’re Almost There

2 thoughts on “Mathematics of sunshine

  1. I think the circles pretty much describes it. Although now I feel a little more sad knowing exactly how much sun I am not getting.

  2. Hi there and welcome to my blog! I was kind of surprised myself to see the statistics, even tho I’ve been saying all winter it’s been grey and darkish. But hey, the positive side is, spring is soon here and with it hopefully some more sunshine. Will check out your blog!

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