Springtime travel yearning

DSCN0206This time of year always makes me want to travel. March is the month of spring, even though in Finland it really isn’t. We’re getting more snow here and there, it’s freezing cold still, and yet, you can somehow smell the spring in the air. We see blue skies, feel the sun on our faces, and hear the birds chirping happily.

It makes you want to travel. Pack a light bag. Visit the Book Swap at Helsinki Airport, have a coffee, head Southward.

The above picture is of course from Paris. If I could choose where to go now, I would take a few weeks off from work, head to Berlin, Paris and Lisbon. By the time I’d get back, the snow might have melted, there might be some early signs of green on the ground, and I could put my winter shoes on hold for another eight months.

I’d go clubbing until dawn and have the best breakfast ever in Berlin, check out the small clubs and massive record stores in Paris, and simply enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of Lisbon, drink their delicious coffee and get dizzy with some Vinho Verde.


Reality check: wake-up at 6.30, head to the office, work as usual.


I wonder when UNEP and Treehugger will announce the top 10 bloggers they were searching for the World Environment Day event? The first round blog posts were due at the end of February, and there’s going to be a second round of blogging for the top 10. The main prize is a trip to Mongolia to cover the World Environment Day celebrations. Exciting!

♥ In the meantime: In the Finnish private sector, about 36% of men are in white-collar management positions. The corresponding figure for women is only 7%. I do not approve.

♦ Song of the day: Calexico, Para

4 thoughts on “Springtime travel yearning

      • Hello 🙂 I like state parks and one day I want to visit Switzerland and Alaska .. Finland has got to be beautiful huh??

      • Oh Finland would definitely be your place! We don’t have the Swiss mountains or quite the Alaskan wilderness, but we sure have beautiful lakes and forests everywhere, even in the South. You’d get a totally different experience depending on the season 🙂

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