Finnish winter at its best

130316laajalahtiToday it’s hard to remember we’ve lived in almost complete darkness for several months.

This coincidental snapshot is perhaps the best winter picture I’ve ever taken. I love the light, blue sky, frozen reeds, and the dark branch that just happens to perfectly frame the shot. The light was so bright I hardly saw anything through the lens, and yet, the visual description of our winter is nearing perfection here (in my humble and exhilarated opinion).

All photos here are from Laajalahti, where we went for a morning walk today. On the ice. It’s been so cold lately, most natural waters are completely frozen.


Laajalahti is a small part of the Baltic Sea on the shores of Helsinki and Espoo. On sunny weekends the ice is crowded with families, skiers, dog walkers, kite flyers, kite skiers and ice fishers. This morning we only saw a handful of people.

130316laajalahti3The reeds on the shore are still standing tall. They’re just waiting for the ice to melt. Look how the snow glistens in the sun.


Since it’s very cold in the nights, and gets warm during the days, the surface of the snow gets very hard. There’s a kind of hard crust on top, and you can walk very easily on it. No knee-deep snow exercise this morning. Only intense interval training for the German Shepherd, who can’t get enough of running after snowballs (or more like pieces of the hard snow crust).

Equinox is only a few days away. Can you imagine?

♥ In the meantime: The new Depeche Mode album Delta Machine will be released next week. I hope it’s what they said: some sort of hybrid of Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion – my two favourite DM albums.

♣ Song of the day: Amanda Jenssen, Illusionist

2 thoughts on “Finnish winter at its best

    • I know! It doesn’t stop amazing me. We’ve had such nice sunshine the last week, it’s been great doing walks with the dog.

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