World Environment Day blogging competition, part II

Pheew! The past two days have been intense with the online voting starting for the World Environment Day blogging competition by UNEP & Treehugger.

In case you missed my last post, here’s a link to my final blog text Diamonds are not forever, the one that’s actually being voted on. In case you want to check it out and vote, you can easily vote for me here. In case you want to read more about the blog contest, check out UNEP’s website. If you’d rather make an informed decision (yes, that’s always a good choice) read all the top10 blog posts and decide afterwards whom to vote for.


What a journey. To do something you absolutely love doing (writing), and then finding yourself in the middle of a situation where you normally wouldn’t be (very visible as yourself). As I may have mentioned, my daytime job is in communications, and our role is very often to work in the background. We plan, write and prepare, even whisper to someone’s ear, but most of the time it’s other people in the limelight. For the first time in a long while (maybe ever?), I’m campaigning for myself. This is almost like politics. My own little West Wing moment.

How strange!

So, perhaps it’s time to put things into perspective. This is not about me. This is about consumption that is drowning our world into crap we don’t need, this is about rich countries wasting almost as much food as Sub-Saharan Africa produces per year, and it’s very much about the fact that we seem to live under an illusion that anything goes, as far as consumption and pollution are concerned.

Well it doesn’t. And the game is not on indefinitely.

My part in all of this is insignificantly small. I just happen to love ethical and ecological fashion, writing, recycling and cycling, and all sorts of smart ways of using what we already have. And believe me, I also have lessons to learn when it comes to polluting and consumption (I drive a car and tend to buy dresses to celebrate). But I try, and so should you.

Today’s big news item is really the global arms trade treaty, finally adopted at the UN General Assembly. Amazing work, long in the making, and finally here. Well done everyone!

♠ In the meantime: Standing ovation for the newly adopted international treaty!

♥ Song of the day: Muse, Starlight

[edit 2 April 11.20pm Made a small mistake in original post and have corrected it now. Rich countries are not wasting more food than Sub-Saharan Africa produces, but almost as much.]

3 thoughts on “World Environment Day blogging competition, part II

    • Thanks Daniellajoe! I was just checking the voting stats and it’s great how many people are taking part in this whole shebang 🙂

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