World Environment Day blogging contest, part III

It seems the online voting system for the World Environment Day blogging contest was opened sometime yesterday so that anyone can vote as many times as they want. I realized it sometime in the evening, maybe around 9pm Finnish time.

And just to be specific, I’m talking about my own experiences only – I suddenly got information that people were able to vote twice, whereas earlier the system recognized something (?) and allowed only one vote. I tweeted to UNEP to ask about the change, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

If the voting really has been opened, I believe it changes the spirit of the contest pretty drastically. Of course it’s great that everyone can vote. I’m very much in favour of everyone being able to take part and make their voice heard. I experienced some problems myself, as my colleagues at the office were not able to vote after one person had voted.

But play with me a little, ok? The analogy that follows is pretty daunting, I think. It not only underlines the change in this competition, but also the core of the problem in this world.

Many would like to serve us an illusion that there are no limits. Not to consumption, not to pollution, and even if there are, there’s no need to pay attention. If we choose to live under this illusion, the only things restricting us are our moral, ethics and our integrity. It’s the little choices you make, be it in your everyday life or sitting on that executive chair in some global company.

Of course we know that there are international, national and local rules to restrict certain behaviour and more importantly, to guarantee the rights of others. And yes, when you reach the minimum level, you maybe play by the rules, but here’s the newsflash: you don’t need to stop there. You can make choices that go even further, you can start asking questions. And that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I tried to convey in my competing blog post Diamonds are not forever.

So here’s my plea: if indeed the online voting is open for everyone to vote as many times as they wish, please vote for me only once – if you think my blog post deserves your vote. And after you’ve voted, please use consideration in other areas of your life as well. Bear in mind that this world has limits. We need to understand that the minimum level rules will not be enough to guarantee the safety of future generations nor the earth itself.

And finally, would you please give me some feedback. Am I being really super Finnish about this? I think I might be 🙂

[edit 3 April 9.41am: I just read a confirmation email from UNEP that they have removed IP restrictions. So it’s official, the voting is very much open.]

♥ In the meantime: Spring is coming to Finland, too. I can see asphalt instead of layers and layers of ice and snow! To celebrate, I’m (for the first time) publishing my own name in this blog. Hi there, my name is Inka! What’s yours?

♠ Song of the day: Madonna, Express yourself

3 thoughts on “World Environment Day blogging contest, part III

  1. really great parallel between these two things: the voting limits (or lack thereof) and the world at large!
    the rules go out the window…..

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