World Environment Day blogging contest, part IV

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The voting in UNEP & Treehugger blog contest is still open for two days, but I think I’ll finish campaigning today and start enjoying the weekend. Today’s statistics are in the pic, taken around 4.15 p.m. Finnish time. I’ll use them as my final or almost-final result.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have 1582 friends or family members, so thank you for all the votes and support you have given me. My blog post has been shared almost 300 times on Facebook and dozens of times in Twitter. Despite eager campaigning, numerous emails and private messages, I did not do all of that myself. Thank you!

But how did I get here? How does one write a text that’s decent enough to speak to people, good enough to resonate and raise thoughts? I don’t know if I managed to do all of that, but I can say I did receive encouraging feedback from many directions: from people I don’t know, people who have known me growing up, who know my family members, maybe know me from work or from a distance. One person kindly called me young and energetic, which I secretly cherish.

(this post is going to be a tad long, sorry)

Leftover love, my first blog post for this competition, I wrote pretty quickly and without anyone commenting on the text before publishing. For the second and final round, Diamonds are not forever, I got feedback from a trusted group of smart friends at two different stages of drafting.

In the beginning of the writing process I was a little lost with the theme. Was the second text supposed to also deal with food waste, the theme for World Environment Day 2013? In the guidelines we got for the second round, no one mentioned food waste anymore, even though it was the starting point for the entire competition.

As always, I took the risk and wrote what I thought was expected. When I saw the other finalists’ posts, I was relieved to see many others had tackled the theme from a more general perspective as well.

My smart friends commented on things I was already too blind to see, as often happens with one’s own text. Small details, but important ones. I got some good suggestions on the structure, honest questions like how is this relevant? and great tips on better word choices. The text became much better with a little help from my friends. A colleague actually gave me the title, too: it was the starting point for the second post.

And then it was published. I shamelessly contacted my FB friends and Twitter followers with private messages and posted many updates on the issue myself. For the first time ever, I also sent a press release about myself. I’ve sent dozens and dozens of press releases in my life, but never concerning what I’ve done. The blog contest made it to the news in two newspapers: Vihreä Lanka (full story online, link in FIN) and Keski-Uusimaa (full story printed, just a teaser online, link in FIN).

Once the story was out, the speed of online sharing got faster. That’s natural of course. When it’s newsworthy, it’s more interesting.

And now, here we are. Some 1500 votes later, it’s Friday evening, I’m pretty tired from this week’s work, two weeks of online campaigning, and looking forward for some quality time on the sofa watching a movie and crocheting. Someone else will surely get to blog about WED 2013 celebrations in Mongolia, and I wish the best of luck to whomever wins the contest. However, I do take it as a small compliment that UNEP recently published a recipe contest called Love your leftovers.

Also, I think I will suggest to UNEP that they’ll publish the geographical voting statistics for each contestant. I think it would be very interesting to see where people have gathered votes from – especially after all the voting restrictions were removed.

Now, off to the sofa!

♥ In the meantime: Spotify offers a singer-songwriter radio: a never-ending playlist of perfection. Bliss. My genre. In one neat package. Thank you! Could you please also create sub-stations? Female singer-songwriters?

♣ Song of the day: Sara Bareilles, Gravity

[edit 6.35 p.m. Check!]

2 thoughts on “World Environment Day blogging contest, part IV

    • Thanks Carter, what a nice thing to say! You know my compost did freeze last winter as it was so cold here, but now I’m wiser and better equipped for the next winter. First, I’ll get to enjoy full spring, summer and autumn of composting. Take care!

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