Insert elegant evil and refuse to comment – House of Cards

In the aftermath of World Environment Day blogging contest by UNEP and TreeHugger, I started watching House of Cards, a TV series only available at Netflix. So far I’ve only seen two episodes, and already the series is far better than I expected. But then again, how could anyone fail with Kevin Spacey? It seems they’ve kept the best parts from the original BBC version, the elegantly evil main character addressing the camera regularly and refusing to comment on anything.

The best part is, Frank Underwood is on Twitter. Francis is one mean majority whip.

I remember watching the BBC version some 10 years ago. Chilling, is the word I’d use to describe it. I still remember how I sat on the sofa and just kept staring at the series.

I’m sure Frank would appreciate me doing crochet while following his everyday life. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. Just like his game, the bigger it gets, the better. My pattern only comes alive when it’s big enough.


My final results in the blogging contest were 1654 votes. That’s much more than I expected. I quit campaigning already on last Friday and yet there were some 70 votes more coming in over the weekend. Thank you!

Naturally, Frank would have been able to help me come up with a better result (or destroy me completely), but I couldn’t possibly comment the issue any further.

Main point in this post is: if you’re not yet familiar with House of Cards, consider watching it on Netflix. I resist the temptation to say it’s much better than reality, since we all witness similar, carefully orchestrated political happenings every now and then, if not on a daily or weekly basis, something along those lines anyway.

♥ In the meantime: We still have snow. In mid-April. It’s melting, yes, but too slowly. When they said years ago that weather will become more extreme due to climate change, someone should have believed.

♠ Song of the day: Sara Bareilles, Gravity (for the second time in a row, but only because it’s so good)

[edit 8.10pm: Well look at that. Francis Urquhart is also on Twitter. Did not see that coming. Excellent! Will from now on share great quotes from both.]

6 thoughts on “Insert elegant evil and refuse to comment – House of Cards

  1. What is that beautiful orange…thing? Is that a form of crochet? Let me know. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And I’ll check out House of Cards. Thanks!

    • Thanks, I also love the pattern, even tho I’d rather crochet freestyle without any counting 🙂 As for winning, the haven’t announced the winner yet, but I’m pretty sure someone else is going to Mongolia. Either way, it was a great project!

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