Virkkuri – stylish Finnish book on crochet


This is the first cool crochet book in Finnish. It’s called Virkkuri and made by a stylish lady called Molla Mills, who actually owns a crochetterie. Yes, a crochetterie. Who ever came up with that word, is a genius to begin with. And when you look at the patterns in the book, you’ll understand the rest.

By the way, the word Virkkuri is something of a new word in Finnish, at least to me. It obviously means the person who does crochet, but I’ve actually never heard the word before.

I’m very much in favour of traditions, but I just love it when traditional techniques are used in a modern way. The book not only offers basic info on crochet stitches but also several different patterns – all presented beautifully. The patterns vary from pillows to baskets, and earrings to bags.

IMG_0597Maybe it’s my black and white season, but here are my favourite pages in the book: how to make a small black and white clutch with a triangular pattern. Very cool.

♠ In the meantime: The recycling factory takes over Helsinki again next weekend. It was interesting last year as I wrote in my post, so let’s see what happens this year. I know Molla Mills will hold a crochet workshop.

♥ Song of the day: Gavin DeGraw: I Don’t Want to Be

13 thoughts on “Virkkuri – stylish Finnish book on crochet

    • Hey and you’re welcome! It is an awesome book. You can easily get in touch with Molla Mills e.g. in Facebook. Maybe she can help you out with getting the book? And if you ever come to Helsinki, let me know 🙂

      • Thank you for the advice! I wrote to her on facebook! And I will definitely let you know when I stop by Helsinki!! And if you ever come to Barcelona let me know too!

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