New types of job application: insert video here

I recently spent the most amazing get-away-weekend with good friends. Lots of relaxing and talking, plenty of delicious food and numerous glasses of bubbly.

One of my friends, who was there, teaches in a university of applied science. One of her many teaching topics is job searching: latest trends in her field, up-to-date tricks and of course, the basic understanding of selling yourself. She was saying that the traditional CV on paper is dying. Employers in her field no longer expect to see an A4, but instead they wish to see something fresh, like a slide show, perhaps with audio, or maybe even a video.

We don’t work in the same field at all, but I was inspired by the discussion and wanted to try it out myself. So I did a search for jobs that I would be interested in. I found two interesting jobs at Transparency International, a global movement working towards a world free of corruption. Then I started pondering what would be the added value of a video to the jobs I found: one related to audio-visual coordination and one to online communications.

My conclusion for the added value of a video is:

  • Talk the talk, walk the walk
  • Make your persona visible
  • Show things you wouldn’t normally include in your CV

Here’s the audio slide show / video I made. I put the presentation together from still images, motion graphics, texts, background music, and an audio file with speech, all credits duly noted in the end. Maybe you remember that during the UNEP and Treehugger blog contest, I shared my real name for the first time in this blog, and now you get to know a little more, e.g. how I looked like when I was six years old.

What do you think? Does a video add colour to an application? Does it bring the application to life? Of course you’ll need to use a little bit of imagination here: just pretend you are watching this after receiving an impressive cover letter and a CV from a top-notch communications professional 🙂

♣ In the meantime: When will practices change for fast fashion? How many collapsed factory buildings we still need in South-East Asia? In today’s New York Times the owner of the Dhaka building is photographed in handcuffs. But I wonder who’s the real culprit?

♥ Song of the day: Ben Howard, Gracious

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