Crocheting away

If you are ill and bored, as I am, what can you do? Lie down and crochet.

130504basketsThe small white basket I did already some time ago, but now I’ve done a larger grey one. Hook is size 10, and yarn is maybe 2 cm wide tricot, something you could easily cut from a t-shirt.

Baskets are handy with small stuff that’s always around. I use the white one for my bracelets. The truth is, I don’t really need the grey one for anything, but maybe I’ll figure out something (and make another one, too).

What is more interesting is this triangular pattern I decided to try. Not that I really need any more small bags or pouches either, but well, I might just make one more. I found a 18 cm zipper that kind of dictated the size. I’m working upwards in a spiral form, and will close the bottom seam and attach the zipper on top. Hook is size 3.

One the menu, we have bright colours for the spring. Had plenty of cotton yarn in yellow and some in turquoise, so here we go. Must use yarn from my storage. Simply must.


Btw if you want patterns for baskets or you want to see how the triangular pattern is done, check out Virkkuri, the cool Finnish crochet book that just came out.

While I was looking for yarn from my cupboards, I found several unfinished or nearly finished projects…Some of them are ok, but one of them was really cool. Something similar to a peplum, but not quite. Will post about it separately later on.

But why do I keep hiding these projects in the cupboard and forgetting them? Most of the time I guess I run out of yarn, can’t crochet anymore, then I clean up, move things, and whoops, forgotten.

♦ In the meantime: I went to the recycling factory earlier today. Saw wonderful things, took photos and will post about everything later. But I also got dizzy, out of breath and sweaty and I’m telling you, it was a relaxed and mellow event, not a sprint contest. Not quite healthy yet, so back to the sofa.

♠ Song of the day: Depeche Mode, Should be Higher

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