Triforce crochet purse

I could not help myself. As this project is so small, I had to finish it right away. The more I look at the triangles, trifoce they seem to call it, the more I like it. No matter what colours.

So here’s my purse step by step, except that there will be no stitch count, as I never bother to count. However, with this pattern, I had to count the stitches in the starting chain and during the first round of changing colours, otherwise I just followed the colours and the triangular shape. The inspiration for the pattern is from Virkkuri.

130504trianglesAfter the first round of full triangles. Done in spiral form with single crochet. The other coloured yarn is crocheted into the stitches, so it follows all the time and makes the inside of the purse look clean and cool as well.

130504triangles4Three full rounds ready. Somehow this pattern and the colours make me feel incredibly happy. Is it the yellow?

130504triangles3Finishing the bottom seam with a round of slip stitches.

130504triangles5Finally, adding a round of slip stitches to the top as well, and then attaching the 18 cm zipper. This is the only one I had, so black it is.


Ready! The purse is 13 by 21 cm. Now what will I use it for? Pens? No need. Money and credit cards? No, don’t have so much. Hooks? Naw, don’t want to hide them. Maybe I’ll give it to someone who needs uplifting. Or maybe someone Swedish, as these are more or less the colours of their flag.

♥ In the meantime: I’m going to embark on new DIY areas soon. The super cool ThinkToday products that I again saw at the Recycling Factory made me realize that I have leftover plastic floor at home. Must be made into boxes. Spring and crafts!

♠ Song of the day: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Southern Cross

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