Recycling factory in Helsinki

The 6th Recycling Factory took over Helsinki last weekend. Organised again at the old Cable Factory, this year the event brought together more than 10 000 recycling enthusiasts, which is pretty impressive on Finnish scale. Workshops, free services, ecological products, programme for kids, and of course, a chance to bring stuff for recycling. A great event in many ways.

The large free recycling market seems to be a big hit every year. You can bring whatever you don’t need, and take whatever you might need. I took some leftover cotton yarn to the tables, and got myself two new scarfs, a jacket and a hand bag. Good deal, I’d say.

The organisers came up with a great idea this year: get yourself photographed with your findings from the free recycling market. Check out the photos here (link to Facebook).

Anyway, I walked around on Saturday morning, and found my favorites from the abundant ecological and ethical market.

130512recycling_factoryThese iPad stands are made of old books. Genius! The pages are somehow glued together tightly, and then carved to hold your tablet. Made by O+M=G design. Excellent work! As we play a lot with first impressions, I’ll share mine: my first thought was André Brink’s books, which I have loved for many years. Many of them look like the bottom one, I guess they were/are published in the same series in Finland.


Another fab invention is to collect old coffee cups and saucers, glue them together, fill the cup with a candle and paint the whole thing. Or paint first and then fill with candle, don’t know which way, but doesn’t matter. These are brilliant! Also made by O+M=G design. First impression: salty licorice. Delicious! It must be the black color.


These small purses are made by PisamaDesign, a Tampere-based company. Their thing is to combine graphic design and traditional handcrafts. I’ve seen their products earlier, e.g. these, but there’s something about these purses that seems appealing to me. Maybe the old font, maybe the curvy old-style print, or the town names with old letters. First impression: history, early 20th century, long skirts.


And finally, these little darlings. Candle holders, made from small baby food jars, cut and sanded, covered in recycled and dyed lace. So cute I want them all. They’re made by PoniPoni, who’s just about to set up a webstore, but it’s not up quite yet. I’ll update the address here once it’s open. First impressions: ball pit. Can’t help it. I want to have all these on my kitchen table and just move them around. All day.

If you’re interested, I chose my favourites last year, too.

♣ In the meantime: TedXHelsinki took place today. I did not manage to get a ticket to see the event live, but luckily was able to see the second half via online stream, and read about the first half from tweets. Not so bad this way either.

♥ Song of the day: Rival Sons, All over the road


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