Rectangle crochet rug

I went to get some yarn yesterday. Got plenty of thick tricot yarn, as I suddenly realized I needed a bathroom rug. Went for dark grey, and here’s the result. The colour in the photos looks slightly bluish, maybe there’s a hint of blue in the yarn. Let’s call it smoky grey, shall we?

I needed a rectangle, so I made two squares and attached them together. I tried to look for nice patterns online, but could not find any. The internet is full of patterns for beautiful doilies, but much less for squares and rectangles. The one I found was for a square carpet, and I used it as an inspiration. Surprisingly, the inspiration carpet is made by a Finnish person living in Brussels. Nice coincidence!

130510rug3This is how the carpet looks like when the two squares have been attached and there’s a round of single crochet around the whole thing to give it better shape.

130510rug2A close-up for a better look. It’s mostly double crochet and chains, and one round of single crochet on the rim as mentioned.

130510rug4After the round of single crochet, I added a round of chain and slip stitches to make the arches to the rim. Arches were simple: two stitches of single crochet around the slip stitch, and three stitches of double crochet in the middle.

130510rug6A close-up for a better look. As I’m relatively lazy with counting, and go with freestyle when possible, the corners were made flexibly. Normally I skipped three stitches to create the arch, but I didn’t want the corners to be too tight, so there I think I skipped only two.

130510rug7And here we go. Carpet ready. It took me a few hours: one movie and two albums of music. The carpet is approximately 62 by 112 cm, and it took two large skeins of yarn. Don’t know what it weighs exactly, but would say something around two/three kilos. One kilo of tricot yarn cost me 7,5 euros.

130510rug5I’m pretty happy with the end result. The colour is perfect, the pattern is simple enough, and I managed to get the size just right. Perfect! One thing I forgot to do is ask the yarn shop where they get the tricot yarn from. I hope they don’t import it from anywhere far. Will ask them next time.

♥ In the meantime: Have you already read the article on Foreign Policy about the garment industry in Bangladesh? If not, you should. And then read the article about the woman who was pulled out of the ruins in Dhaka 17 days after the collapse. Yes, 17 days. I don’t even know what to say.

♥ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Trampled Rose

5 thoughts on “Rectangle crochet rug

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  4. Hellow, I was just looking for this pattern, because I want to make a rug in my living room, matching the wallpaper (which has this print on it). I followed your link to the original, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Can you help me with the pattern? I don’t have enough experience to figure it out myself 😦 Lots of thanks! Greetings Caroline

  5. Hey Caroline! Thanks for stopping by! The original didn’t have the pattern either, it was just a picture of a rug similar to the one I ended up making, so no worries.

    Other people explain (and count!) patterns so much better than I do, so I’ll refer you to another blog:

    This pattern is essentially the same as the rug I made, just a minor difference in the beginning. This one gives you a good overall picture of the basics, and it’s well explained. Hope this helps! If you need help with the rim, just get back to me later on, and I’ll try and explain it 🙂

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