DIY: black and white storage boxes

I’ve been very crafty this weekend. If I’ve not been in the garden digging and moving plants, I’ve been crocheting a rug, barbecuing, or embarking on new DIY areas of crafting.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I saw some beautiful boxes made of leftover plastic floor at the Recycling Factory. The boxes are made by Think Today. I suddenly remembered that I’ve been keeping some leftover plastic floor in the cupboard for about a year or so. After seeing those Think Today boxes, I just had to make some.

130512boxWhat I used is more or less here: a piercing tool (please don’t ask me what it’s called), scissors, thick yarn, thick sewing needle with a blunt tip, and a pencil.


So after cutting the box-shaped piece (bottom and sides all in one) from the floor material, I pierced the sides with that fantastic Black & Decker tool that I can’t name, and started stitching the sides together from the bottom corner. I left the knot inside.

I was first thinking of putting the box together with press fasteners, but my tools are simply not big enough to make it through two layers of plastic floor.

130512box3Once I had stitched the sides together once, I started adding a second round.

130512box4Three rounds of stitches finalize the look. The stitching looks the same from both sides and is strong enough.

130512box6I wanted to leave the top knot outside, as I could not have hidden it nicely on the inside. So I left it out in the open.


And here are the finished boxes. As you’ll see from below, mine will be used for newspapers and magazines. What would you store in them?


♣ In the meantime: I almost can’t wait for the Eurovision song contest next Saturday. It’s one of the most social events ever, even if you’re watching the contest home alone. Must be online for that one.

♥ Song of the day: Usher, Scream

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