Photo tour in the Finnish archipelago

Let me start by saying that I wouldn’t normally do this.

I’ve seen quite a few of conference and event centers in my life, both in Finland and abroad. I might remember some of them, but mostly the venues just fall into oblivion on my mind. Earlier this week I got to visit a conference venue on the small island of Rågö in Southern Finland, near Inkoo and Karjaa, maybe a 1,5 hours drive from Helsinki.

Kuvankaappaus 2013-5-22 kello 16.49.21

I’m not so familiar with the Finnish archipelago, as my family has always spent time inland, where the lakes are. It seems most Finns can identify with either the sea or the lakeside, and I belong to the latter. But this small conference venue called Calliola, marked right there on the map, kind of took me by surprise.

What I normally wouldn’t do, is write a marketing post for conference venues, but this time I’ll do a small exception and let the photographs do the talking. I will mention that the venue is an old farmhouse renovated into a modern and comfortable place. It’s relaxed and stylish at the same time. We had a great time.

But most importantly, it was so pretty. So green, so lush, and so calm.


It’s almost hard to believe we spend half the year in darkness. The green is very green.

130520calliola2You could see the sea, other islands and plenty of forest everywhere.


You could also easily come by boat. Back in the day, people lived in the farmhouse and of course, had to transport everything by boat.


Walking on the pier.

130520calliola06As you see, all the buildings are painted red. Have I talked about our love for the red colour earlier? The tradition is centuries long, and it slowly spread from upper layers of society to lower layers as years went by. Anyway, if you travel anywhere in Finland, you will see plenty of red wooden buildings.


In the evening the lights on the pier were lit. Funnily enough, this reminds me of the warm evenings of South-East Asia, except for the noise and the smell of smoke. Here you can just hear the birds chirping away to late in the evening, then quieting down for a few hours, only to start again.

During these two days, I finally woke up to the spring and early summer. But as the Finnish weather is full of surprises, I’m now looking out the window and seeing nothing but rain. Just imagine how green it will be tomorrow after the rain!

♥ In the meantime: No matter how pretty our forests, our beaches (yes, we have a few) are also pretty clean and nice.  

♣ Song of the day: John Mayer, Belief


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