Crochet hexagon carpet

Round crochet doilies are pretty, and rather feminine, I think. So I wanted to make something more gender neutral, and decided to try a hexagon carpet. The pattern is from the fantastic Virkkuri book.


The tricot yarn is exactly the same as for the rectangle carpet I did some time ago, and those photos present the colour much better. It’s a dark, smoky grey. The rim is light grey. Sorry for the strangely lighted photos!


Overall size is 16 rows of double crochet. At its widest, the diameter is 64 cm. I put the small baskets here only for perspective.

130531hexagon4The hexagon carpet also looks amazing with stripes. Two rows with white, two rows with black?


Now off towards the weekend and making other crochet projects! I’m currently working on a hand bag, summer top, shrug and something completely different: a cover for an exercise ball.

♦ In the meantime: I like these female tribute bands. My favourite (based on the name only) is AC/DShe. Brilliant!

♥ Song of the day: Anssi Kela, Maitohapoilla (the sounds of the new album of this Finnish artist is like a cozy trip to my early teenage years)

5 thoughts on “Crochet hexagon carpet

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  2. How many skeins does it take and can you send a pattern ? my 90 year old mom wants to make one.

    • Oh wow, your mum seems like a true enthusiast! Unfortunately I have the pattern by Molla Mills only in printed format. But it’s super easy, and you can probably count the stitches by looking at the photos? It’s just double crochet added regularly and two chain stitches in the corners. Hope this helps!

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