Waiting for summer holidays


Sorry for not blogging in a while. I’m sure you’ll understand though: the weather in Finland has been awesome in the first two weeks of June. Sunshine, warmth, lots of light and plenty of happiness. There has been so much to do, I haven’t had the chance to write.

But now it’s back to normal June weather, rainy and cold, so here we are. I’ve had time to crochet again, and my hands have been busy. What you see in the pics, is a pouch for an iPad mini. Inspiration is of course from Virkkuri book. I’m making the pouch for a colleague who kindly helped me sew my curtains.

In just a few days, we’ll celebrate Midsummer. It’s the night of light, the nightless night – the day when daylight starts to diminish again. I can’t believe we’re at this point of the year already.

To be quite honest, the only thing I can focus on right now, is the upcoming summer holiday. It’s almost too good to be true. This summer I want to sip some superb Portuguese coffee, but also get to know the islands near Helsinki and Espoo. I bumped into a great brochure that presents most of the islands in Finnish and English. It’s going to be my guide for local travel!

♣ In the meantime: I heard two positive pieces of news today. One concerning the OECD report on immigrants’ financial input to the Finnish society and the other one concerning Finland’s ranking concerning gender equality.

♥ Song of the day: Gabrielle Aplin, Alive (a fantastic new artist I just discovered)



2 thoughts on “Waiting for summer holidays

  1. The brochure of islands seems wonderful. If only I had a boat to use I would take a holiday in Helsinki and explore all of them!

    • Hey there! I don’t have a boat either, but luckily there are boats that take people to the islands and back. Some islands even have restaurants, which I wasn’t expecting. But I get it, it would be cool to cruise with a boat of my own, too 🙂

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