Personal infographics, baby!


I’ve recently upgraded my LinkedIn profile just to see and understand first hand how the upgraded versions work. I’ve been wanting to do it for quite some time already, but just never got around to upgrading.

To my surprise, with an upgrade you can e.g. add files, links etc. to your profile as if to visualize your skills and expertise. What a nice opportunity! I of course wanted to test it right away, so I decided to see how my current, very short LinkedIn Summary could be transformed into infographics.

Here’s the summary:

Specialties: Strong writer, creative, good visual eye, enjoys networking. Enthusiast!

I built the infographics on top of a vector graphics sheet I bought from Shutterstock. The original graphics are by tladam, whose work can be admired in a Shutterstock gallery. The social media icons are by Brainleaf.

I like the colours of the original sheet, the clarity of the structure and the format: you can’t include a lot of text in this one. I added some visual elements to make the message a bit clearer. Just have to love Adobe programs, which make it so easy to play around with pretty much anything.

What do you think? Win or fail?

♠ In the meantime: I wish I could have seen this performance in Kuopio Dance Festival. Aerial dancing!

♥ Song of the day: Röyksopp, Daddy’s Groove (this song reminds me of the Doctor Snuggles theme, happy thoughts)

4 thoughts on “Personal infographics, baby!

  1. Love this! Wondering if you still have the template saved on your computer? Would love to buy it! Thanks!

  2. Hi there Brittaneigh & thanks for your interest! Unfortunately I don’t have the file anymore, as I did a major clean-up some time ago…Hope you find something similar elsewhere!

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