Midsummer bonfire in Finland


Take a look at our Midsummer tradition. I guess there are many ways to celebrate, but my tradition consists of a lake, summer house, bonfire and family, the German Shepherd included.

Our bonfire is always built on top of empty barrels, towed across the lake and placed in front of a small island, where people gather on Midsummer’s eve. We sit and talk, kids run around, people grill sausages and enjoy a few drinks. Around 9/10 pm. the floating bonfire is then set in flames.

This year an old Finnish flag was added to the bonfire, as someone had a flag that needed to be destroyed. There are two acceptable ways to destroy a flag: burning it or cutting it in small pieces. I can’t think of a better way to destroy a flag than burning it in the Midsummer bonfire.


The weather this year was perfect. Our lake was very still, it was very warm and the sky was clear. In the pic, the bonfire is already in flames, but it’s hard to see because the sun still shines so brightly.


Some time later, the bonfire has floated onwards, burnt very low, but it still presents a nice parallel to the setting sun. This photo was taken around 11 pm. I guess.

♥ In the meantime: This year’s Midsummer menu consists of fresh new potatoes, smoked fish, strawberries, fresh peas, grilled vegetables and of course pancakes, prepared on an open fire.

♥ Song of the day: Georg Ots, Saarenmaan valssi

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