Crochet pouch for iPad mini

20130614-094654.jpgYou may have seen the progress photos of this pouch in some of my earlier posts. Well, the pouch is ready now and I can soon give it to my colleague, who’s the owner of a new mini.

What we have here is leftover cotton yarn in two colours, hook no. 3 and 72 stitches. Each stripe consists of six stitches, and there are twelve stripes altogether. The pouch is crocheted in spiral form, and this size allows just enough space for a Smart cover.

Really sorry – again – for the crap pictures. As was rightly noted in Twitter, the iPad camera isn’t exactly up to date in photo quality.

Apologies baby kittens of the world, I mean you no harm!

IMG_0658It was relatively slow to crochet, don’t know why – perhaps it’s the change of colour every few stitches and having to crochet the other yarn into stitches all the time. Or maybe my hands were just sweaty.

Did I mention earlier that the inspiration for this pouch is from the fantastic Virkkuri book? I showed the book to my mum during the Midsummer weekend and she was impressed. Can crochet be done this way, too? Yes!


Here it is in its final size. The hight is about 49 rows, if I counted right, about 21 cm. Now I still need to decide how to close it. A button might be simple? Or perhaps a snap button?

♣ In the meantime: I’m something like 24 hours away from summer holidays and I can’t wait. Last days at the office before summer holiday seem tricky every year.

♦ Song of the day: Daft Punk, Doin’ it right

4 thoughts on “Crochet pouch for iPad mini

    • Hey and welcome to my blog! Thanks and I agree – Molla Mills who did the book Virkkuri has a great eye for more graphic designs and colors. I’m not a big fan of flowers etc. so her designs suit me perfectly 🙂

  1. The stripe is really unusual but looks really good. I must remember it for future crochet projects.

  2. Yeah, there is something special in these stripes. I guess it’s the dynamic movement? Also, the colour changes mid-stitch, so the lines are really clean.

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