Traveling wisdom

I recently returned from one of those travels where your mind and body are equally nourished. It doesn’t always come to that, but sometimes you’re lucky. This time for me, it was a road trip in Portugal, with plenty of good food, friends, beautiful sceneries, sunsets, smells, feelings and ideas.

I chose to start traveling on the first day of my summer holiday, and it was a good decision. Whatever you might have on your mind will vanish as soon as you head out from your everyday surroundings. I also chose to unplug from the more active online life for a while, hence the quietness here and on Twitter.

Here are three things I found or remembered again during this trip. Simple, powerful lessons.

1. It’s never too late, whatever it is you’re dreaming of.


2. Changes are made. You should never just wait for something to happen.


3. Whenever you have a chance to enjoy good food and wine, do so.


The first and third photos are from the historic town of Évora, and second one is from Lisbon. I saw a lot of wall art in different towns, but these are my favourites.

♠ In the meantime: It is good that I haven’t read the news much. The minute I opened the online site, I learned that the Finnish interior minister Päivi Räsänen has spoken about abortion and laws. It’s not the first time she causes a spike on people resigning from church.

♣ Song of the day: Luisa Sobral, Not there yet

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