Upcycled crochet floor pouf

130727rahi5 kopioI bumped into two floor poufs in the recycling centre last week. The one above is covered in old, worn-out leather, and the other almost identical in size, covered in fabric. They both cost five euros. A bargain, I know. The insides seem to be made of styrofoam, as both poufs are very light to carry.

Here’s how I upcycled the old leather pouf into a modern crochet pouf – super easy and fast.

130727rahi7 kopio

I started crocheting from the top centre: 10 single crochets. To make the pouf nice and smooth, I continued adding stitches slowly with new rounds. The rule of thumb is to add stitches only every other row, and do normal single crochet every other row.

The first round of adding stitches I added two single crochets (sc) to every single crochet, and on the second round of adding stitches I added two sc to every other sc, on the third round I added two sc to every third sc etc. This way, as long as you crochet normal single crochet rounds in between, the added stitches will not make your work wavy. This technique I have of course learned while making baskets with the patterns of the Virkkuri book.

130727rahi2 kopioAs I reached the diameter of approximately 50 cm, I changed the stitch to back loop + back yarn to create the fold (Sorry, I have no idea what terms to use here, perhaps there are more correct terms in English for what I’m trying to explain). But all in all, this project is just like making a very large crochet basket to be honest. Just bigger and upside down.

130727rahi kopioAfter some episodes of The Hustle, the pouf was ready. In this picture, you can see the fold where I’ve moved from the top to the sides.

130727rahi3 kopioAs this pouf is coloured natural white, it will probably need washing pretty soon, so I decided to turn it into a simple hood. You can take it off anytime you want, but the hood stays on the pouf nice and firm. So, instead of continuing to crochet the bottom and adding a zipper to the side, I added a round of chain stitches and slip stitches to the bottom. If in time the crochet hood becomes more loose, I can tighten it easily through these loops.

130727rahi6 kopioAnd voilà, the finished project. It took me a few hours to make all in all. All you need is thick t-shirt yarn and a 10 mm hook. You could probably make it with an 8 mm hook too, but my crochet “handwriting” is very tight so I tend to use a slightly larger hook. For this pouf I needed about two kilos of yarn, maybe a little more.

♥ In the meantime: Tonight it’s Mew and Muse time at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. Never seen Mew play live before. Really looking forward to tonight!

♦ Song of the day: Muse, Easily

14 thoughts on “Upcycled crochet floor pouf

  1. Hey Verónica and Me, thanks very much! I was a little surprised myself how nice it turned out. And so easy. Today I’ll start with the other one, let’s see how that goes 🙂

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    • Hey Sue, you’re so lucky to have an old pouffe from your grandmother! I would love to share the pattern, except that I don’t really have one ☺️ Most of the time I just improvise, as was the case here, too.

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