T-shirt yarn projects aplenty

2013_tshirt_yarn_projectsJust thought of making a quick compilation of my recent t-shirt yarn crochet projects, as I started using Picframe. The app works nicely, as nowadays I prefer not having to flick through many photos, not to mention entire albums. Somehow I prefer having photos compiled, at least in my news feed.

I’ve already blogged about most of these crochet projects, and here are the links to posts where some of these wonderful masterpieces are described in more detail. The big pile of baskets on the bottom left corner is only 1/5 me. I held a small crochet workshop for my colleagues some time ago and we created baskets aplenty.

♠ In the meantime: I’m currently doing a two-day training on digital publishing. Based on today’s performance, it seems the person teaching us does not know how tablets work, at least when it comes to digital publishing. Say, what? Someone somewhere thinks it’s ok to charge money for a course on digital publishing without referring to mobile devices?

♥ Song of the day: Lily Allen, Fuck you

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