Game of Thrones is on

Many of my friends have been overly excited about the Game of Thrones. Most have read the novel, and many have watched the TV series. For some reason, I could not interest myself in either for a long time, even though I greatly enjoy good fiction and TV drama.

Then came summer holidays, and I wanted something nice to read. I boldly opened the Game of Thrones novel. After reading the first forty pages, I felt a little disappointed and gave myself permission to leave the book if nothing started to happen in the next twenty pages.

As if George R. R. Martin magically heard my request, the game was on in the next twenty pages. Now I’m thinking let’s read the book first, then move on to the TV series. I’m nowhere near finished in reading, but I don’t mind the slow pace. As of now, we’re not even close to the Harry Potter experience or the Secret History experience, but I can almost see the magic happening in the horizon.

I took a sneak peek at the character list and it’s actually a pretty good tool to keep up with the people. Even with this multitude of characters, it’s amazing how captivating a good novel can be. How do they do it?

♠ In the meantime: What an interesting map YLE published today. In global rankings, Finnish women are not even close to the top when listing women in top management positions. Greetings from the country of glass ceilings!

♣ Song of the day: John Mayer, Wildfire (new album Paradise Valley coming out next week!)

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones is on

  1. Cool! I’m actually really looking forward to the TV experience, but I’ve decided to go through the novel first. So great to see afterwards how the characters look like 🙂

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