The after party

IMG_0731Today I feel like the iPad mini pouch that I recently finished crocheting. Happy! Striped! Bubbly!

Organizing parties is great. I don’t know which is the best part: the time before the party, the actual party, or the after party – meaning the morning after.

The logical choice would be the actual party. You’re surrounded by friends, laughter, a little bubbly and fab food – what could be better?

Then again, the pre-party is pretty cool too. You’re making plans, preparing delicious food for your friends, thinking how great the party is going to be, and just feeling awesome because all the fun is still ahead.

And yet, the after party might be my favourite.

Why? Despite the sizzling headache you might have, your head is full of happy memories. Tempus fugit and you chose to spend a few hours investing in everyone’s happiness, including your own. Time well spent.

Also, I like the kitchen philosophy mood the morning after. It helps write great blog posts like this one.

♥ In the meantime: Why isn’t John Mayer touring in Finland, too? I see Denmark and Norway on the list (both sold out), but no sign of Helsinki. John Mayer, please read this and come play a concert for us? I’ll bring all my friends.

♦ Song of the day: John Mayer, On the way home

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