Another week, another theme

Every once in a while, I change the theme I’m using in this blog. Not only is it refreshing and fun, as the WordPress theme archives are a big bundle of joy, but the change also pushes me to think about blogging from a slightly different angle than before. The changes may seem rather small, but are they?

With this fantastic new (and free) theme called Expound by Konstantin Kovshenin, all that you see from each blog post is a short summary and an image, if there is one. The change for me? One really has to consider what to write to the first few lines, as the decision to read further is strongly based on the title and the first few sentences.

The image then? I’ve tried to include an image to every post in the last 12 months or so of blogging. Some of the photos are ok, some probably less so. What the image does, and it does it better than any text ever could, is setting the tone. Whatever your title, whatever the first few words or the first sentences, the image conveys the strongest message.

Did I manage to capture your attention in this post? Probably not, unless you’re a hardcore Abba fan and can see the fine reference to Another town, another train in the title.

But more seriously, I know why you might not be interested. I could not think of a photo for this post. And even though I’m trying to push myself to meet the hectic pace of today’s reading environment (more pictures, the shorter the text, the better), I’m probably failing, as my blog posts don’t really offer short “soundbites” for further sharing.

It seems people have an ever shortening attention span, myself included, and it’s a worrying trend. Everything has to be about entertainment, short and snappy, and well, reality TV if possible. Or what do you think about the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE publishing online news about the horoscope of the newly born Prince George (link in FIN)?

♠ In the meantime: I came across this list of 23 signs that you’re secretly an introvert. Interesting, and so valid for the topic of today’s post. I always thought of myself as an extrovert, and surprisingly many of the 23 signs apply to my melancholic Finnish character. And then someone kindly guided me to read about the Forer effect, and touché. Are we so desperate for someone else to define us that we just believe whatever they tell us?

♦ Song of the day: Trixie Whitley, Never enough

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