Concentrated awesomeness


Awesomeness might not even be a word. But who cares? This week has brought so many cool things my way that it’s time to make a good old list of all things good. You know, like this.

  • I found my first ever black chanterelles from the forest near our summer house. Plenty of them. Made a soup. It tastes like heaven.
  • Unlike last year, I’ve already found many  Penny Buns from my home forest. They’re all over the place! Made a risotto with some white wine and Parmesan cheese. Need I say how good it was?
  • Finally started listening to Arctic Monkeys. Why have I not chosen to listen to their music before?
  • I’ve kept my new morning routines going for four weeks now. After summer holidays, I decided that I’d seen enough hazy mornings when snoozing never stops, shower is skipped and yesterday’s clothes seem suddenly pretty ok to wear. So now I wake up 6am every morning, enjoy a good cup of coffee, write a few pages to clear my mind (with an old-fashioned pen, to a notebook), and then start getting ready. The change is dramatic, I’m telling you. So proud of myself.
  • Something new is buzzing in Finland, a magazine called Huuma (link in FIN). One fine individual got a little frustrated with some magazine ads she saw, started talking, people gathered around, ideas started to spark, and now it seems we’re making a new kind of magazine, the kind that we would love to read ourselves. Awesome!
  • I have quite a few cool crochet projects bubbling under. The green one in the picture is one of them. Can’t wait to get my order of foam rubber delivered! Never thought I would order foam rubber online and be excited about it.
  • The season is changing. I took the German Shepherd out for an early morning walk, climbed to the highest cliff in our home forest and watched the sun rise. I saw migrating birds for the first time this summer. Also, one of our neighbouring squirrels keeps climbing to the oak that I see from our kitchen window, collecting acorns, and going back to store them somewhere. As I’m writing this, he’s been going back and forth ten times already.

♥ In the meantime: In the Helsinki region, we will soon be able to enjoy movies online, from our public library. Online streaming with a library card! They already brought several international, electronic magazines for us, and now its indie films. Pure awesomeness.

♠ Song of the day: Arctic Monkeys, Dancing shoes

7 thoughts on “Concentrated awesomeness

  1. Just out of curiosity, do you have red or grey squirrel in your area?
    Here the red ones are sadly being replaced by the non-native grey ones

    • Hey, and thanks! It’s great! Does requires a little effort though, i.e. the alarm has to be in another room, but it’s worth it. I got the idea from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. Check it out!

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