Flea-market frenzy in Helsinki


Cleaning Day took over Helsinki again today. Actually, the event took over the entire country – there were more than a hundred towns and three thousand sales areas all over Finland. I only managed to visit one park in downtown Helsinki, and just walking through the small park took more than an hour from me.

Shoes! Clothes! Books! Lamps! Bracelets! All sorts of interesting gear! I’m sure you can check out photos on the event’s Facebook page.


What I really enjoyed was seeing young guys sell their stuff, like sneakers and skateboards. Actually, you could easily tell if the seller had anything interesting for you. There were the expensive and cool fashionistas, vintage people, cheap fashionistas with plenty of H&M and other fast fashion brands, older people with whatever they had, the funny people with random pots and pans, and then the übercool let’s-play-music-and-have-a-picnic-while-we’re-at-it-people. A great crowd, loved it.

Here’s what I wrote about the event last year, when it was organised for the first time.

The concept is all about recycling. This time I did not sell anything myself, but I did spend some four euros to a pair of mint green leather gloves, a mint green scarf, three novels and a beautiful black lace poncho. How about that!


Despite the cloudy weather, there were plenty of people around. The park was a great setting for a bigger flea-market, but equally nice were the dozens of sales tables I saw scattered here and there, outside the buildings where people live. So easy, good fun, everybody wins. The event has such a good concept.

♥ In the meantime: Did you know that in Finland we have editors in large newspapers, who think sexist jokes are pretty cool. Luckily, not everyone agrees.

♣ Song of the day: David Gray, Foundling

9 thoughts on “Flea-market frenzy in Helsinki

  1. great post and initiative 🙂 love it!

    sexist comment:
    they always say it was a joke and that the problem is in how the other people take it.. umpf!
    it’s still such a common place nowadays, how can that be?

    • Thanks, I’m crazy about the initiative. So cool to see someone’s idea turning into a large, self-initiated event 🙂 The comment: so ignorant, and so descriptive of the kind of gender equality problems we have. His comment doesn’t insult my “womanhood”, it insults my brain!

      • the initiative is absolutely fantastic and I’m amazed that so many took part in its 2nd edition, I mean it looks like just everyone was out there 😀

      • Yes! Actually, I had to check if this really was the second time – and it wasn’t! It’s already the 4th 🙂 I’ve just somehow missed two Cleaning Days. The organisers say May 2012, September 2012, May 2013 and now August 2013. Looking forward to next year!

    • It was great last year and now the whole thing seemed even bigger and better. So happy to see people really enjoying and turning the town into one big recycling machine 🙂

  2. Due to the cloudy weather, it wasn’t so crowded as previous times (at least around where I live). But not only for siivouspäivät, there are always a lot of pop-up kirrpis during summer, especially in Kallio, Helsinki. If somebody is around, you guys can check out the next coming u on 8th Sep. More info here https://www.facebook.com/events/290260334446415/
    I also got some very cute dishes last time but my camera card was broken so I couldn’t show on my blog. Did you get anything nice?

  3. Hey and thanks for the comment and link! Surely Kallio is one of the most active areas, if not THE most active, when it comes to pop-up flea-markets.

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