Square crochet floor cushions


I’ve been working on these floor cushions for a while. Today I finally managed to buy some elastic yarn so I could finish the work. In the pic above, you see a floor cushion without any elastic yarn. The crocheted part is just a “hood” on top of a square-shaped rubber foam cushion.

In the pic below, the edges have been finished with some elastic yarn and there’s a simple support structure to keep it all together on the bottom. To my eye, there’s a major difference in how these two cushions look like.


How did I do it? Here’s the step-by-step. Please note that I won’t cover the crocheting here that much, I’m focusing more on how to finish the cushion nicely. The crocheting is very simple: single crochet with two added stitches every round, two chain stitches in the corners, and a turning edge that I’ve covered earlier here.


The edges of the hood hang loosely when you turn the cushion upside down. Tightening the hood from the corners is relatively easy, but the middle parts are tricky.


I made two floor cushions, one in light green and one in darker. The difference in the t-shirt yarn between these two colours was very noticeable: the lighter yarn was much, much thinner, which also made the edges hang more loosely.


I started to stitch the 7 mm wide elastic yarn into the edge of the crochet hood. I used the back loop and the yarn behind the back loop.


When using both the back loop and the yarn behind the back loop, the elastic yarn tightens almost automatically.


Here you can see how neat the end result is: you can’t see the white elastic yarn, as it only runs in the back loops, and the edges of the crochet hood are tightly pulled against the cushion.


In order to balance the tight corners of the crochet hood, I wanted to add a simple support structure to the bottom. It has to be easy to remove, if the hood needs washing, but strong enough to keep the hood on top of the cushion.


My solution turned out to be very simple. A t-shirt yarn square holding the edges together from the middle. Nothing fancy, just a knot to tie the ends together and rolling the loose ends around the structure. Just like wrapping a gift!


The end result is pretty balanced and neat. The corners are not pulled in too heavily, and the middle parts are not too loose.


These cushions are 40 by 40 cm wide, and 5 cm thick. The thick t-shirt yarn adds a few centimeters to the overall size. I was planning to use these in our garden chairs: not too large, not too thick. My next floor cushion project includes two rubber foam cushions, 45 by 45 cm wide and 7 cm thick. Let’s see how they turn out!

♥ In the meantime: I really like Skillfeed. It seems I will never have the time to learn anything unless it’s in small “snack” bites. I like the way they divide hour-long courses into 2-10 minute snacks. So far, all of the tutorials I’ve watched have been very easy to follow and hassle-free.

♠ Song of the day: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Let’s Get High

7 thoughts on “Square crochet floor cushions

  1. Thanks Verónica for taking the time to comment 🙂 I was surprised how easy it was with the finishing touches, as I had some doubts about how the elastic yarn would work out.

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