Autumn countdown officially beginning


It’s been forever since my last blog post.

I don’t know what it is with the autumn, but there always seems to be a time, lasting some few weeks, when I start a process similar to hibernating. Days follow one another, I go to work, days seem darker and darker, I overdose on chocolate, sleepiness starts to take over, and despite whatever energizing projects you might have on the agenda, you feel somewhat hopeless and tired.

Last year I wrote about September sadness. This year, it’s been October silence.  Zero blog posts.

I’ve been thinking about the countdown, but since I’ve not blogged, I haven’t been able to start it officially. But here goes: it’s only 17 weeks until mid-February. Seventeen! That’s nothing.

To compensate the diminishing amount of daylight, Finnish nature offers us great, sunny autumn days full of beautiful colours. My German Shepherd makes sure I get my daily dose of exercise and fresh air, and as a bonus, I get to enjoy the beautiful view – on weekends. On weekdays I get to walk in complete darkness. And what do people wear in complete darkness? The ugliest thing ever, the vest.

♥ In the meantime: I just ordered six kilos of thick t-shirt yarn, factory made, slightly better than the regular one. I may not have had the energy to blog, but I’ve sure crocheted like crazy. Will show you the results later, worry not!

♣ Song of the day: Moby, Going Wrong

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