Dreaming of summer with this grey crochet vest

Despite my utter lack of energy in blogging lately, I’ve crocheted a lot. Like this vest. I got fed up of not having enough decent working clothes, so I decided to make some.

I bumped into a picture in Pinterest, and thought the pattern looked very nice. It’s airy, symmetrical and easy to make. So I started crocheting. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the process, but here’s the final vest and some of its details.

The vest is crocheted with a 1.75 hook. The yarn is thin but durable cotton, Gjestal Maxi. Basic pattern is made with double crochet and chain stitches: eight chain stitches, one double crochet, two chain stitches, one double crochet. Double crochet is always attached to the loop on the previous row.


I think it looks best with a white shirt or tank top underneath. However, this time of year in Finland, I definitely need long sleeves…but one can of course dream of warm summer days and tank tops.


The neck line is boat-shaped. The front and back are actually crocheted as one piece, starting from bottom front and ending at bottom back. The neck line is just an opening between front and back sides. I merely crocheted a long chain, attached it with double crochet, and continued with the pattern.


I was thinking of making sleeves, but then I decided not to. Just added eight rows of single crochet to give a finished look.  Around the neck line it was just four rounds of single crochet. Since I’d rather not have any random yarn ends to finish, I did the side seams, “sleeves” and neck line more or less in one go – just crocheting back and forth. This technique forced me to add two lines of single crochet to the shoulder line.


This is the side seam. I combined front and back sides of the same piece with a row of double crochet. I think it gives the vest some shape, as the actual pattern is very airy. Because of this, you don’t need to use much yarn either. I think I used some 150 grams. The best part is, the work progresses very fast.

I’ve worn the vest to the office quite a few times already and it sure makes me feel smartly dressed and proud. My next project is from a completely different world, but equally important to this one: my nephew’s Spiderman toy needs spider-webs that he can shoot around from his wrist. Excellent!

♥ In the meantime: Have you already heard of the Finnish gaming company Supercell? If not, read this. These guys are pretty amazing.

♥ Song of the day: Tuomo, Keep looking up

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of summer with this grey crochet vest

  1. Love this top ! Any chance you could give some more detail on the pattern so we have a go at it ourselves plz ? Thanks !

  2. Hey Karena, thanks for your comment and happy you like the top! I’d love to share the pattern if only I had it written down. I’m a bit of a freestyler when it comes to crochet. This top was inspired by a picture of a pattern (link in the text), but otherwise it’s entirely improvised. If you have any questions on some particular part of the top, I’ll be happy to dig into my memory and think/share how I actually did it!

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