Lessons in life: avoid Finland in November

November in Finland is murder. It’s just as beautiful as a summer’s day in Mordor, or a day spent in a windowless house without any lights.  You wake up, it’s dark. You come home from work, it’s dark. It’s not the nice and soft kind of darkness. It’s wet and rainy and awful. Pitch black.

Some 15 weeks left till mid-February, but today, it feels like forever.

I need to go through some pictures from Portugal. I need to see the ocean waves, the blue sky, and feel the heat. If for nothing else, then just to remember they exist.

If you can, do not, ever, come to Finland in November. It’s for your own good. Instead, invest in Portugal. Travel to see the ocean, enjoy the atmosphere, lively people and wonderful food. It’s good for your health and great for the economy.

These pictures were taken in Sao Pedro de Moel, Elvas and near Cascais.





♦ In the meantime: I would like to share a piece of news from Finland that gives me hope. Instead, I’m forced to read about the recent opening of a all-you-can-drink bar. As if we really needed it in this country.

♦ Song of the day: Glasser, Shape

4 thoughts on “Lessons in life: avoid Finland in November

  1. I can be a “little” dramatic, sorry for the scare! But yes, I would choose another time of year, if possible. The other way of looking at November darkness is focusing on plenty of candle light, refusing to hurry anywhere, staying at home and reading, crocheting, enjoying a lot of sleep. Now, I would like that too. What I find most difficult is having to keep up all the normal routines like working, grocery shopping, cooking etc. while your body just wants to sleep all the time.

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