Cube crochet foot stool


These foot stools are quickly becoming my favorite thing to crochet. Even though I slightly prefer the round shape such as this one, as it’s much easier to make, the cubes do look very nice when finished. This project was made for a friend, who needed a helping hand with a foam rubber cube she bought and wanted to use as a foot stool. In practice, this is just a simple hood that is pulled on top of the cube, in a similar way as with the floor cushions I blogged about earlier.


I started from the middle, and worked my way towards the sides. What starts as a circle, soon develops into a square as long as you keep adding some extra chain stitches to the corners to create the shape. This project was made with thick Esteri tube yarn, 100 % polyester and factory made. I used a hook sized 10.


Halfway through the top part I started adding three chain stitches to the corners instead of two, because I started to lose the square shape. Two rounds of added corner stitches saved the shape. I can easily see the larger loops, but my friend was kind enough to say she doesn’t mind.


Once the top part was large enough, I crocheted the edge which I’ve earlier explained here. And then I just kept crocheting and crocheting until the sides were long enough. As usual, I did no counting whatsoever, so I can’t tell how many stitches I had – or even if I had an even number on each side 🙂 What did surprise me is that there was no need to decrease stitches on the sides at all. Perhaps it’s the square shape that automatically makes the hood very tight.


Once the sides were long enough, I stretched the hood on top of the cube, turned the whole thing upside down, and started finishing the bottom edges. I used the same technique I’ve used before and explained here.


The cube is 48 x 48 x 48 cm in size. I’m very happy the hood looks balanced and neat on all sides. I was a little sad to see the cube go, but very happy to see the smile on my friend’s face when she saw it.

[edit 9.11 p.m. I can’t believe I forgot my countdown! It’s now 14 weeks until mid-February.]

♠ In the meantime: Do you remember when I mentioned that the editor-in-chief of Finnish Kaleva newspaper blurted out a sexist joke? And that the issue was taken to the Council for Mass Media? I thought I’d update you on the issue: the editor-in-chief was acquitted a few weeks ago (link in FIN).

♥ Song of the day: Iron and Wine, The Desert Babbler

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